from Damien Wynne

We are going into the blueprint of nature, take a deeper look and accept this as a mirror to guide us. Forests have an intelligent hidden network, a connected intelligence through the entire root system which is building a united system in oneness. At the same time, each individual is respected and the root system together with an outstanding communication between the individuals through the leaves support the weaker trees. In return this social cohesion and solidarity supports the entire ecosystem of the forest keeping it in balance, thrive and wealth. (Proven by Peter Wohlleben, „The Hidden Life of Trees“)

Reflecting this into the business and corporate world we here find a blueprint of how positive and nourishing it is when we all take responsibility and open up all our grass roots of our entire potential as well as the shadows and grey areas in our companies and use this opening as a way not to expose weakness but instead to inspire each other to be more conscious and to together perform and implement the logical and needed conscious changes for the Higher Good of all that are involved.

In the corporate and business world, the companies still have hidden boxes around their roots and nobody knows what the other one is really doing. In this mindset, a mutual support seems nearly impossible. If we released the boxes and opened up the systems and communication channels, showing weaknesses and strengths, a higher path would open up meeting the necessities of the earth and mankind. The companies are able to inspire each other to be more sustainable with a sense of dignity, honor and respect. And when we take a clear and differentiated look on the corporate world and the effects of their work towards environment, health, wealth and society we cannot come to another conclusion.

Dropping being competitors and instead building up a network based on the Higher Good for all involved will make the entire system an inspirational pioneer creator business of the universe, bearing in mind not only the survival of the fittest or short-term income increase but instead the thriving and wellbeing of the planet and the human race.

So, we can inspire and support each other to something greater by understanding the network of all being. People will be satisfied working in such a system every day and still have their vision and focus on the future creation and in the same time on the regeneration of the footprint of what they have left behind, what has been done to earth and mankind in the last decades.

I have a dream that I as a manager of a great honorable sustainable bank go to sleep at night after spending my day in the office feeling fulfilled and satisfied inside, completely content with life and the vision of my future and my future grandchildren. I am inspired by the thoughts of my future children. I can sleep well at night knowing that I and all my representatives have planted seeds consciously guiding other conscious companies’ investors to grow strong fertile roots. I have planted seeds which will be becoming forests and some are forests already. That all who are touched by the impact of my own and my companies’ decisions have had a positive impact on the families, neighbors, towns, the environment and future children of this planet.

I have a dream to be a politician going to bed at night knowing that I took the higher road and was not swayed by the weakness and unconsciousness of the lobbyists who tried to seduce me through hollow jewels. I listened to my people and took responsibility for them. I became the voice of the Higher Consciousness of people, the environment, the entire eco system and the Earth itself. Mother Earth spoke through me and through this voice I could make clear environmental sustainable decisions which energized the grass roots of the environment, children, families and businesses for the future with nourishment. I am an uncorruptible spirit for transparency and higher truth, dedication, consequence, visibility and a higher purpose. I am going to bed with the vision of tomorrows world in a complete ecological sustainable system with fulfilled and satisfied people living in. I am a healthy father standing up for my family and children in future, for the water they will drink, the food they will eat, the forest they will play in, the mountains they will be inspired by and the sea and the waters that they will be enjoying.

I have a dream to wake up as a creator, a conscious child of the Universe knowing that all in me is also around me. I totally understand the connectedness of the universe and all beings.* Feeling completely abundant knowing that all is inside me and that all I touch consciously or unconsciously will be inspired by me, carry my footprint and will be transformed by me – and I so will I. Higher Consciousness is opening within the spaces. I know and feel connectedness, richness and creativity, and materialization happens automatically in the space around everyone. Divine Creation is evolving in this space. My focus and intention will be brought to a Higher Consciousness. With that knowledge, I am inspired and focus consciously on my part as being a Creator of the Universe. I am born into abundance, sustainability and wealth enjoying healthy fruit, clean water, taking a fresh breath in the morning while looking out the window, hearing the birds singing outside.
I am going into my school creating new visions for the future, in a think-tank of heart intelligence of Higher Consciousness with interconnected heart based learning,
I feel honor, love and deep respect for my ancestors.
I know that this is an ideal, but keeping this vision as a light ahead of us, will help us to go into a transparent, just and balanced future for us all.

Damien Wynne & Karen Wendt

*See film “The connected universe”: